Applications for Acrylic/Perspex Signage

, Applications for Acrylic/Perspex Signage, Blur Studios

Your public space should always look its best, which means impressions are key. Eye-catching acrylic are one way to generate a polished, professional, cohesive look is to welcome your clients, customers, or guests. Additionally, acrylic signs can be an affordable and efficient marketing medium for your business or conveying your custom message. No matter what you are promoting, what you are displaying, or perhaps you want to distinguish rooms, acrylic signs are an excellent option.

Acrylic signs are manufactured from a colourless, clear, sturdy compound material, developed into plastic sheets, that bears a resemblance to the clearness of glass. As a result of acrylic’s flexibility, versatility, durability, and less heavyweight, it is frequently favoured to glass, which, by nature, is more delicate. Given that it is able to be printed with a complete scale of colours, acrylic signs supply a clear, stylish look to just about any space. Acrylic can be custom made, as well. Created by printing straightly onto its surface with Ultraviolet ink, acrylic can be tailor-made either on the front side or back surface of the sign. Printing can consist of basic letters, numbers, or icons, or apply a full-colour logo design or any other visual or picture.

On regular surface acrylic signs, printing is completed on the front side of the sign, making a matte look. Since this printing lies on the front surface of the sign, it is more commonly at risk of scratching or any other damage. Next to surface acrylic signs are printed from the back of the sign, producing a consistent, shiny finish. This printing technique makes sure a much deeper gloss and shields the ink from being rubbed off or scraped. The function of the sign will probably determine the acrylic’s thickness. Signs usually vary from 1/16 inch to as much as one inch or greater.

Acrylic sign sides can be either normal or refined. Regular edges are cut with machine, unpolished, and achieve a frosted look. Polished edges end up in a softer edge with a dazzling finishing. The acrylic product also can be cut into third-dimensional logos, specific letters, numbers, or models, generating an attractive way of exhibiting an organization logo or message.

Acrylic signs are most ideal displayed when installing on a clean, flat surface. Most frequently, customized acrylic signs incorporate an alternative for pre-drilled holes and can be set up with standard screws or metal or cleaned dime standoffs. Standoffs enable the sign to be shown at a distance from the walls, producing a three-dimensional impact

Acrylic can be heated up to make a number of practical and innovative products, as an example

  • Freestanding signs and cardholders
  • Lit up menu boards
  • Wholesale and restaurant signs
  • Label tags and label plates
  • Informative signs
  • Position signs
  • Room identification signs
  • Convention signs

Acrylic materials can scrape, chip, or break when not thoroughly taken care of. Acrylic signs should always be mounted with care in regions that are not confronted with direct heat or sunlight for longer periods of time. Acrylic signs are most appropriate for extensive interior use or shorter-term exterior use within protected areas. To completely clean acrylic signs, apply a clean, soft, wet cloth to clean surface areas

Acrylic (Perspex) signs really hit the ‘WOW’ factor and grab your clients attention. Professional companies like Blur Studios can handle all your neon signs needs.. You can check out our portfolio page to give you clear view of what we do and the products we create! Get in touch with us now!

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