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Illuminated signs are a great way to give your business the exposure it needs to stand out above the rest, we can manufacture any form of illuminated signs ranging from lightboxes to illuminated 3D letters.

They are manufactured using acrylic perspex and are perfect for Permanent indoor wall letters and outdoor building letters and graphics. Our illuminated form of 3D signs leaves your clients with a professional impression of your business, manufactured with neon or LED lighting to enhance the effect of your signage. Illuminated signs ensure your business has visibility day and night it comes in many different styles such as front lit 3D letters, Backlit, Halo lit, lightboxes, neons and many more.

Contact us today for a quote or more information on 1300 15 31 10, send us an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave your details on our website at any time.

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Light boxes are extremely useful and effective in displaying your business and helping with way-finding at night. But they also have their benefits during daytime. We at Blur Studios offer complete range of lightbox signs in all the sizes and designs imaginable to create eye-catching lighting effects. We are driven by the goal to improve the perception of our clients’ brands.

Professional Lighting Solutions

We create high-impact lightboxes that highlight your advertisement with compelling backlit display. We offer services for both outdoor and indoor promotional lighting signs. All our outdoor display systems come with total sign and poster display solutions for advertising and branding. When you choose our services, you will get complete range of sign solutions that both meet your requirements and your budget. Our promotional display systems can help you boost your traffic and sales.

We provide full-colour panels with promotional or branding messages. They can be brightly illuminated from the back with incandescent bulbs or LEDs. Our signs are used by all types of organisations in Sydney including commercial businesses, restaurants, schools, hospitals, arenas, stores, malls, and even churches. If you need to draw attention to your business or deliver a message, we have the perfect display solutions to meet your needs.

Customize your Lighting

We at Blur Studios offer lightbox signs in variety of sizes, cabinet types and lighting options. You could also find the snap frame designs where the images could be easily swept out. In fact, our designers will work in coordination with you to create the branding or advertising message that you want. Whether you need HD photographs, graphics or letters, we are your full-service custom signage solutions providers.

LED Lettering & Digital Illumination

Our LED lettering and digital illumination lightboxes will help your brand and message to stand out from the crowd. We can not only create your new lighting solutions to your specifications, we can also revamp and replace your existing signage. We use the most advanced techniques in the industry and can create almost any size, colour and shape of lighting to give the “wow” factor to your business’ branding efforts.

Even if you are looking for office, retail or corporate lightbox signs for interior or exterior usage, we have the answer to all your illuminated signage needs. Whatever your needs for display systems, without concern whether it’s for promotional purpose or not, we can produce the ideal lighting solutions. Check our gallery for some of the most eye-catching light boxes you can find in Sydney.

We have been in the business for over a decade and have built strong and long-standing relationships with our clients. Most of our team members have decades of experience designing some of the most innovative displays. We follow a unique approach to client servicing. All the designs are created specially to your needs and preferences. But at the same time our experts will provide inputs for optimal impact.

Feel free to contact us today and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements for any size or design of lightboxes. We can be reached at 1300 15 31 10.

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