Neon Sign Repairs

We repair all neons including transformers, broken glass tubes, re-wiring etc.

There’s nothing that can be more attention-grabbing and customer-drawing than a bright and well designed neon sign. Every business that seeks to draw more customers should have custom neon signs. We at Blur Studios are one of the leading designers of innovative signs for all types of businesses.

We have been in the industry for almost a decade and trust us when we say that you must not ignore the importance of these attention-drawing signs. They have a direct and immediate impact on your target audience and have the power to pull them towards your store, restaurant or any other business facility.

Neon signs are a great way to give your business the exposure it needs to stand out above the rest!!  Suitable for your business, home, display, art, special occasion, event and more.

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Long-Term Investment

You will already be spending a significant amount of your budget on promoting your business. Specially designed custom made neon signs work as your long-term investment that don’t need regular maintenance or repair. But they will continue working round the year promoting your brand name. They are unlike the standard signs, as they can help your business to stand out from the crowd. Besides, they are affordable and don’t require you to cut down on your other marketing efforts.

They can be designed not only for your business but also for special events and occasions!

Cost-Effective Advertising

You are always spending on various types of marketing and advertising materials. Whether it is the digital media or print media, your goal is to draw the attention of your audience to your brand. Our custom neon signs sydney help you get all the attention in an affordable and effective way. The effects are impulsive and you can boost your traffic without spending anything extra. While advertising requires constant input of capital, these brightly lit signs work as one-time investments, making them highly cost effective.

Custom Choice of Size and Fonts

You can determine the design and artwork. The sign may just be your company’s logo, or else our experienced and creative designers can create something unique and stunning for you. You could determine the size and colour of the customized neon sign, or you could explore our portfolio of custom designs and tell us what you like the best. Give us a few details and our talented designers will provide you with some dazzling designs for your approval.

Our professionals have vast experience in the designing industry. We will understand your niche and your business before creating any design to ensure that it will eventually engage your target audience for optimal impact. We offer some of the finest selection of fonts that have been time tested for their effectiveness in neon lights. Choose from script types to block types for the best results.

We have always been focused on developing long-term business relationships with our customers. This has helped us understand our client needs to provide them the ideal solutions. When you choose our services for custom made neon signs, we will provide you with unmatched services.

Feel free to contact us today to discuss your needs for custom neon signs sydney. We can be reached at 1300 15 31 10.

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