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Perspex Signs are made up of a solid sheet of acrylic plastic, that is formed into the shape of your choice and then fitted on to a sturdy internal frame. These boards are perfect for business owners in Alexandria as they are simple to maintain, durable and safe. Perspex signs are great for business and decoration. They are light weight, so easy to install and require only low maintenance. You can choose from hundreds of different shapes and sizes that work for any business or event.

In the city of Sydney 2015 represents the postcode for our local inner city located 5km from Sydney. Alexandria is regarded a safe place to live with plenty of SoHo real estate and businesses alike.

Alexandria businesses use local Perspex Signs manufacturers to create high quality acrylic glass. Each sign is custom made to suit your needs. Perspex signs are weather resistant and virtually unbreakable. They can be used both inside and outside of your business premises as advertising displays but also for interior partitioning for offices, outlets and more. We provide a design service so what are you waiting for? Make Perspex your sign display of choice by ordering with us today.

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