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Perspex signs in Parramatta

Perspex signs in Parramatta by Blur Studios are made with a strong transparent polycarbonate material that is lightweight and very durable. They are used in business and commercial establishments in the area as they are long lasting, easy to install and look extremely attractive. Perspex is used to make shopfront displays and other types of signs that can be used in any environment. They are made of a white material and have a clear effect on them, which makes them an ideal choice for many people. In addition, they are very durable in nature and mostly have a great life cycle.

Parramatta is known as a major commercial hub located in our Greater west area of Sydney. If you require signage for your Paramatta shopfront or business, be sure to contact us today.

We are the experts in providing quality Perspex or neon signage to light up your business and make you stand out from the rest. Amazing signage will make your customers want to come back over and over again. With the right signs, people are more likely to notice your business and associate your name with a positive experience.

, Perspex Signs Parramatta, Blur Studios

Perspex signs are made using Perspex. Perspex is a type of plastic that has great strength, and is very clear, so that you can see your image or text clearly. We cut the material according to your requirements, then attach it to the metal frame structure using special adhesives, ensuring that it’s attached properly and won’t fall off. Next we apply a protective coating to prevent any damage from UV rays and other weather conditions. Once it’s been fully processed and checked for any problems, the sign is ready for delivery

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At Blur Studios we manufacture everything in-house, so you can rest assured you'll be getting the most competitive price, without compromising on any quality at lightning fast turnaround times.